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FedEx-FedEx Express is the world's largest express transportation company, for more than 220 countries and regions, providing fast and reliable courier service. FedEx China can be divided according to type of service: Chinese FedEx Priority-based services (International Priority (IP)) and China FedEx Economy Services (International Economy (IE)), FEDEX Express, Logistics Technology combines the advantages, with a much more depth, and aimed to provide customers with more efficient, economical and comprehensive courier service.

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Cost components

1, FEDEX international courier prices

You can contact our sales representative for a Quote

FEDEX volume weight is calculated as follows: length cm X width cm X height cm / 5000, if the weight is greater than the actual weight of cargo volume, press the volume weight charge, whichever is greater.

2, FEDEX international courier Surcharge

Remote Surcharge: shipment destined for remote areas subject to remote areas surcharge, 4RMB/KG * Fuel month, minimum one ticket close 80RMB * Fuel month. Our operator will follow the Code or city name check whether the remote website not one hundred percent accurate, but the final bill are FEDEX prevail. Appears as remote as FEDEX bill requires additional remote fee, the company will automatically receive this piece remote fees.
Textiles Cost: 2011 Hong Kong Trade Department, the latest requirements need only be sent to the U.S. import license, plus a ticket costs 50 yuan (Nigeria do not take textiles)
Fuel Surcharge: FEDEX website subject to monthly adjustments.

3, FEDEX international courier tariffs

Subject to specific clearance fees (typically generate higher declared value is relatively high tariffs, if the declared value than the actual value is too low, there would be punitive tariffs) If the recipient refuses to pay customs duties, tariffs will be automatically by the sender alone.

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Reference aging
FEDEX parcel delivery warehouse from start to the reference period of limitation for normal delivery 2-7 working days (this prescription for express access to the recipient received this shipment only), except in exceptional circumstances! Aging with each delivery destination customs clearance time and flight arrangements is closely related.

FEDEX Reference effectiveness Glance
Southeast Asia
North America
1-2 (working days)
2-3 (working days)
3-4 (working days)
4-7 (working days)

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Cargo Tracking

FEDEX official website:

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Compensation / Insurance / other value-added services
1, the standard of compensation

For small pieces, out of stock, damaged shipment, such as recipients receive the shipment weight, quantity, number of discrepancies, broken the shipment, please within 24 hours of receipt of the parcel recipient destination FEDEX feedback loss or breakage. And seven working days to the recipient at the local registration record number, the accident proved to Division I in order to FEDEX survey claims. As verified by FEDEX, the maximum compensation for the free shipping, the compensation package declared value, the maximum does not exceed 100USD, some damaged or lost according to actual percentage of the total number of lost compensation, but does not exceed the maximum compensation USD100. Because customs checks caused by express courier lost after Customs, Customs open parcels checked, may lead to loss of parcels, parcels within the article (in whole or in part) is lost, or customs seized. Our company does not bear any responsibility.

2, insurance

Division I purchasing insurance, charges, please contact your sales representative.

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1, item description

When you need to fill in the declaration name and number of the actual commodity. Do not accept gifts or sample declared.

2, the declared value

FEDEX on the declared value is not required, the customer can decide for themselves fill in the amount recommended by the actual declared value of the goods declaration, in order to avoid high tariffs and penalties.

3, the recipient address

FEDEX do not accept PO BOX mail address, the recipient must provide telephone, fill in the above information should use English to fill, do not accept other languages

4, cargo single piece weighing no more than 68KG, length +2 W +2 height must not exceed 330CM.

Main business:
1, the International Air Transport (Guangdong / Hong Kong / Shanghai), no customs declaration
Can proxy Shenzhen / Hong Kong / Guangzhou / Shanghai air service to the world, adjacent to Hong Kong more to your advantage to provide more convenient cargo ship channel. Partner airlines: South American routes-LA, QF, NZ, AA, US aviation; European routes-CZ, BR, UPS, SQ, TK aviation; Middle East routes-EK, SV, QR, EY aviation; North American routes-BR, UPS , AA, PO aviation; Southeast Asian routes-CX, CI, PR, TG Aviation; Australia routes-QF, NZ, PR, VS, dozens of airlines. Among them, the number of package board routes EK / QF / PR / BR / CZ / FD / LA ......, season more assured accommodation, transport safety more secure. Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America, Europe, the United States and Africa and other routes are monthly special offers!
2, the international express delivery (3-4 days around the world), no customs declaration
Western Europe, USA, Canada and Mexico South Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries have price
UPS / DHL / TNT / FEDEX / EMS / ARAMEX Middle East Line, Xin Matai line, HK-EMS, Singapore and EMS can Hong Kong / mainland shipping, accessible around the world. Companies have their own DHL and UPS account number, is a freight forwarding, express services are able to go with the battery, and with battery products. Among them, Singapore and EMS to Brazil only seven days, ARAMEX just three days to the Middle East countries. DHL Middle East, South America are special, worthy of protection class season!
3, international shipping (FCL, LCL)
Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou, Foshan, Jiangmen, Shunde, Shantou, Ningbo, Shanghai Sinotrans straight fight the world's major ports. Cooperation shipping company: WANHAI COSCO NYK MARESK PIL CSCL OOCL and many other shipping companies. 20,000 square warehouse and advanced electronic warehouse management system, can in our warehouse loading, sealed cabinet, inspection and so on. Advantages route Middle East / India / Europe place / America / Southeast Asia and other routes, can provide shipping, international multimodal transport DDP / DDU / EXW full service. Preferential tariffs and adequate accommodation, can provide you with accurate, fast, convenient and professional international logistics services.
4, the international freight train service:
Agent trailer, customs declaration, inspection, fumigation, export documents, a certificate (CO / FORM A) and endorsement and so on.
Our aim: cargo care, such as your parents send! Our Mission: integrity, Express world!






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