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World's Best Airline Silver

Global Air Cargo Excellence Award for the sixth

2005 won the Award for the 2004 world's top ten IATA Cargo

One of the world's top ten safe shipping

Into the center of Taipei flights in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia routes

Sinotech is EVA Air mainland sales agents


Guangzhou, Shenzhen flights originating

Route: Guangzhou / Shenzhen - Taipei - Europe / North America

Flights: Daily


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1) week 1,3,5,7 there airliner Guangzhou departure time 13:00; including week three flights are flying Kaohsiung to Taipei weeks 1,5,7; arrival time is 15:00 local time; while Week 6 there Cargo plane flight to Taipei, 2:00 Guangzhou takeoff, 4:00 am to Taipei;

2) Week 6 oversized cargo on cargo aircraft can and overweight cargo;

3) cargo sizes to be controlled at length: 300CM, width 228CM, height: 150CM, weight 80KG to be a single piece of cargo pallet;

4) BR LAX take weeks to six cargo flights can be done straight away head turn, the fastest one day aging;

5) BR greatest advantage in the Americas, LAX / ATL / DFW / JFK / ORD these points in terms of price, time on both a great advantage, fly daily flights from Taipei to these points two days aging, have obvious advantages ;

6) For Europe, BR also has the advantage FRA / BRU / LHR these three points, full service just three days aging

Main business:
1, the International Air Transport (Guangdong / Hong Kong / Shanghai), no customs declaration
Can proxy Shenzhen / Hong Kong / Guangzhou / Shanghai air service to the world, adjacent to Hong Kong more to your advantage to provide more convenient cargo ship channel. Partner airlines: South American routes-LA, QF, NZ, AA, US aviation; European routes-CZ, BR, UPS, SQ, TK aviation; Middle East routes-EK, SV, QR, EY aviation; North American routes-BR, UPS , AA, PO aviation; Southeast Asian routes-CX, CI, PR, TG Aviation; Australia routes-QF, NZ, PR, VS, dozens of airlines. Among them, the number of package board routes EK / QF / PR / BR / CZ / FD / LA ......, season more assured accommodation, transport safety more secure. Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America, Europe, the United States and Africa and other routes are monthly special offers!
2, the international express delivery (3-4 days around the world), no customs declaration
Western Europe, USA, Canada and Mexico South Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries have price
UPS / DHL / TNT / FEDEX / EMS / ARAMEX Middle East Line, Xin Matai line, HK-EMS, Singapore and EMS can Hong Kong / mainland shipping, accessible around the world. Companies have their own DHL and UPS account number, is a freight forwarding, express services are able to go with the battery, and with battery products. Among them, Singapore and EMS to Brazil only seven days, ARAMEX just three days to the Middle East countries. DHL Middle East, South America are special, worthy of protection class season!
3, international shipping (FCL, LCL)
Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou, Foshan, Jiangmen, Shunde, Shantou, Ningbo, Shanghai Sinotrans straight fight the world's major ports. Cooperation shipping company: WANHAI COSCO NYK MARESK PIL CSCL OOCL and many other shipping companies. 20,000 square warehouse and advanced electronic warehouse management system, can in our warehouse loading, sealed cabinet, inspection and so on. Advantages route Middle East / India / Europe place / America / Southeast Asia and other routes, can provide shipping, international multimodal transport DDP / DDU / EXW full service. Preferential tariffs and adequate accommodation, can provide you with accurate, fast, convenient and professional international logistics services.
4, the international freight train service:
Agent trailer, customs declaration, inspection, fumigation, export documents, a certificate (CO / FORM A) and endorsement and so on.
Our aim: cargo care, such as your parents send! Our Mission: integrity, Express world!






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