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Can you check with Ms. James and find out where her albums "100 Strings & Joni on Broadway" and "100 Strings and Joni In Hollywood" will be available on CD. I go to record collectors shows all the time, and these two seem to be the ones the fans are eagerly awaiting for on cd. I spoke with Miss James at one of her concerts and she advised me that she was planning on her entire catalogue being released, and I was wondering if those two are in the works. Also, when the Carnegie Hall album makes it to cd, will there be additional songs added. Thank you. By the way, can you give me the Joni web site address. Thank you. Santiago Rodriguez

Santiago Rodriguez

Could you please send me any information regarding any upcoming concerts -- where, when,etc. Any near Portland, Oregon ?

Wayne Jenkins

Dear Joe, Thank you again. I sincerely hope to try [to make it to the Carnegie Hall concert]. I've been enjoying Joni's music for so long without knowing there was a fan club. Thanks for staying in touch. Best, Howard


Do you have lyrics to the new double album CD. I got the CD for my birthday and fell in love with it. I know the english part but do not know the Italian and French part. Do you also have this in Karaoke format? Leilani


I just got the new Joni James CD and would like to know how I can get lyrics to the songs. I do not speak Italian nor French but love her music so much.

Leilani Suguitan

I am now 62 years old and I have been collecting every issue of Joni James since my school days in the early fifties. Hope to continue hearing her singing for many more years.

Seng C. P'Ng