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Joni, to hear your voice again on CD is like reliving my youth, and it's wonderful. Please release the original Carnegie Hall concert with your Tony on CD soon. I saw you in concert here in Chicago at the Wellington, and it was outstanding! We love you.

Mike Renn

Need more of your singles...Rose Garden...Dancero....etc..want them all..

Len Kalkan

i have been a fan forover 40 years we will be going to the sept 19 concert at Carnagie Hall we hope to see all the fans and get to meet JONI.

udie boraczek

I'm so glad this club is in existence. I heard about it some years back but couldn't locate it. I still enjoy listening to the CD versions of the songs I enjoyed so much many years back. Thank you.

Howard Sage

I'm Lance Johnson and I discovered the Joni James Fan Club a few weeks ago quite by "accident". Cindy, my wife, and I have loved Joni's music since the 50s. I have an interesting story to tell actually of how I first heard her and would be glad to sometime share that with other fans. Today, though, I am writing specifically to ask a question. I ordered Joni's "Dedicated To You" CD from The Beautiful Music Company several weeks ago but have not heard from them and wonder if you could help me out. Perhaps I sent it to the wrong address. Here's the exact way its listed at Joni's website and the way I sent it:Joni James Music/The Beautiful Music Company 777 Larkfield Road Commack, New York 11725-9100Is there a mistake here? Thanks for looking into this for me and for your response.Blessings, Lance Johnson, OD

Lance Johnson

lastest CD of you (Ti Voglio Bene/Je T'Aime) is very nice and grate for wating. I collected your CDs almost complete even they released in Japan.I'm still waiting for the following albums that I want you to release on CD 1.100 strings which you sing Hi lili hi lo 2. Award Winning Album I'm Thai people who love you sing every songs. sorry for my poor english

ekdanai yodsukhar