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In the 50's, I was a young radio dj and always enjoyed playing the Joni James hits - but the big kick came when Joni stopped by to promote one of her songs and gave me a wonderful interview - still have the photo of the two of us. Thanks Joni - see you at the NY concert.

Jim Dougherty

I've been waiting a long time for Joni to go on tour. Bought 4 tix for me and siblings for 9/19 Carnegie concert. I can't wait! Used to listen and write down the words to all her songs in mid to late 50's. Love you, Joni.

Joe Seelinger

Joe, nice to get your e-mail too. I didn't know anyone would respond as I was just adding to the comment box and felt like sharing my thoughts of Joni James,way back when. I got a real kick out of engagement congratulations since that was 45 years ago when I was 17!!!!(and I did not marry THAT person but WILL be married 40 years next month to my husband. My husband is not into concerts so a girlfriend and I purchased good, up-front seats for this show. She also loved Joni James and like me, is looking forward to seeing this comeback. I still have a couple of her 45 rpm records, believe it or not. Just can't seem to get myself to throw out any of my old 45s. Question-- how old is Joni? I will be 62 this month and I assume she is about the same????If you know, drop me a line, okay? It sounds like you do not live in NY since you asked about location of St. John's University - (it's in Fresh Meadows, Queens.......Well, again, I was surprised to get a response but it was nice, and, has been fun writing back. Talk to you soon........Barbara


Thanks for your nice reply. I will now check the web site regularly for news on Joni. Santiago Rodriguez


I saw her perform at The Riviera in Port Washington, LI when she was newly engaged and announced it from the stage. Her family was there and I remember stopping by her table to congratulate her and showing her my engagement ring, me being also newly engaged. I am looking forward to seeing her on sept. 19 at Carnegie Hall.

barbara patrizzo

Joooniiii Jammmes, Have you Heard, I'm still in love with you . How important can it be. You are and will always be the most important female artist.

Bill Meurer