The Joni James International Fan Club--the only authorized, official gathering of Joni James friends on the planet--invites you to join! There is no charge! Simply send your name and address and 55 cents postage ($2 outside the United States and Canada) to:

Joni James International Fan Club
P.O. Box 7207
Westchester, Illinois 60154-7207 USA

In return, you will receive your membership card personally inscribed and a sample issue of our acclaimed quarterly newsletter, "Joni," We will also tell you how you can subscribe to Joni, the first place to find the latest news about Joni, along with fascinating feature stories, popular regular columns, exclusive photographs and our most popular department--letters from the fans! "Joni" is a no-profit publication produced exclusively by volunteers...subscriptions enable printing, mailing and other production costs. We’re told we’re one of the last no-profit Fan Clubs and newsletters in existence. And we’re proud of it!

If you would like to send e-mail to the Joni James International Fan Club, the address is:

If you would like to write Joni James personally, we will be happy to forward your mail to her unopened as a Fan Club service at no charge. Please mark your envelope "Personal for Joni James."