Greetings from JoniGreetings From Joni

This is an open letter of thanks to all of you very dear people who've made my life in music possible and who've filled my life with joy. I've learned of your blessed continuing interest in my works and I'm so humbled by the thought that my songs could have meant so much to you-especially since your caring for them always has meant so much to me. I've heard it's been said "I don't know what I did to deserve this-but I'm awfully glad I did it." I'm busy at work now with the hope that I can again bring more new music into your life-as that's the best way I know of truly thanking you. For more continuing and true information, I'm proud to direct you to the Joni James International Fan Club. Thanks again for so much...'Til soon, and as the song says, "I'm Your Girl" JONI

P.S. I thank you for all your very dear letters and thoughtful cards and gifts. They are truly overwhelmingly beautiful and I take such pleasure in hearing from you-and ask you to forgive me that I've not answered each of you because it's been impossible. Know, nevertheless, that your kindness is so greatly appreciated.