The Music of Joni James

Joni JamesJoni James over her years at M-G-M Records built hit by hit a remarkable library of multimillion-selling recordings. Her achievements are all the more remarkable because, almost alone among artists of her prominence, she sought and selected all the songs she recorded. Joni also became known for being unpredictable. She selected the songs that touched her own heart, and hoped, likewise would touch the hearts of her listeners rather than looking for hit records. As a result, each release offered something new, often something surprisingly different. And Joni seldom recorded so-called "followups," songs intended to echo a just-scored hit in hopes of scoring another best-seller. She was always looking for something new, something different. During her years at M-G-M Records Joni sold more than 100 million records worldwide. Many of her singles exceeded a million copies in sales and some went beyond three million copies.