In Manhattan, We Fell In Love Again, Sep 19, 1998

Queen of HeartsA sold out house held high expectations for Joni's fifth appearance at storied Carnegie Hall; sure, they had heard about Joni's venture back into the spotlight, but Carnegie Hall concertgoers demand an original, and memorable experience. Oh brother, did they get that, and much more. Joni came through with a command performance equal to any of her previous Carnegie engagements. Joni's over two-hour masterpiece moved the packed audience to tears, goose-bumps, and raucous laughter.

Sharing, through her uniquely intimate personality, her most beautiful standards with each of her fans individually, Joni may have been on the stage for the entire performance; yet while she was singing, you felt that she was sharing a moment with you and only you. While sharing her experiences with her fans, she was strolling through Central Park one on one with you, her friend.

A wedding at St. Patricks could not have found more hand-holding eye-gazing and re-affirmation within a huge audience of couples and pals spanning four generations. Was there ever a work of art to find a more fitting venue than Joni's heavenly "Danny Boy" intimately, lyrically moving the angels that watch over the faithful and the curious, the expectant and discerning, the fortunate attendees that comfortably inhabit the sculpted balconies of this jewel in Manhattan's crown?

Joni is the angel that draws all to her and back to one another, the female counterpart to Cupid. There weren't enough Carriage drivers in Central Park to handle the late-night rush of concertgoers at Joni's this evening. Through an unusually large contingent of press, the crowd joyfully spilled out into the Autumn evening-those of us with the wisdom of years feeling 30 springtimes younger, those of us just discovering Joni's magic gaining in exhuberant strength by as many summers.